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Information Technology Services


WebPublish is an easy way that departments can create and maintain their own web site. When a department requests that a WebPublish site be created, they will need to identify 2 persons to be Site Administrators.  The Site Administrators will be able to add others as Site Administrators, Publishers, Editors, or Visitors.  Each of these roles define what changes the person can make to the web site.

What they can do... Anonymous User Authenticated User Visitor Editor Publisher Site Administrator
View all unpublished content on the website     X X X X
View all published content on the website X X X X X X
Administer RSS feeds           X
Administer blocks         X X

Create, and edit all content within the website.

      X X X
Embed content       X X X
Delete content         X X
Moderate content from any given state to any other given state (example: directly from draft to published)         X X
Moderate content from draft to needs review       X X X
Administer menu and menu items         X X
Create and edit URL aliases       X X X
View content revisions       X X X
Revert content revisions         X X
View site reports           X
Add and remove site users           X
Delegate roles to site users           X