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Information Technology Services


Workflow is the process that is followed from creating a page, editing a page, and publishing page.

Create Page

  • The Editor, Publisher and Site Administrator can all create a page
  • Once the page is created, it can be saved as a menu item or as a child of a menu item
  • See the tutorials Create a New Menu tab and Create a New  Page

Edit the Page

  • Once the page is created it can be edited or it can be left for a later time
  • It can be edited as many times as required to complete it
  • It can be edited by more than one person.  Caution make sure it is only edited by one person at a time. 
  • note:  each time the page is saved there will be a version saved.  Versions are available under the Moderate tab.

Set the Moderation state to Needs Review

  • When the page is ready to be published an Editor can set the Moderation state to Needs Review
  • An Editor cannot publish the page
  • Once the page is in the Needs Review state it will be visible on the My Workbench menu of Publishers and Site Administrators.

Set the Moderation state to Published

  • Publishers and Site Administrators will see pages that have a Moderation state of Needs Review on their Workbench under the Needs Review tab
  • They have the option of viewing/editing the page and making any changes or they can publish it
  • They can also set the Moderation state to Draft. 
  • A page that has had the Moderation state set to Draft will appear on the Editor's Workbench under the My Drafts tab
  • A published page is live and visible by anyone browsing the web site.

 A Published Page

  • A page with a Revision state of Published is visible to the public 
  • To make changes to a Published page click the New Draft tab to create a new working copy of the page
  • The original page will remain published until it is replaced with  the new draft 
  • If necessary the Published page can be unpublished