Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Create a New Menu Tab

Menu tabs can be created by a Site Administrator, Publisher or Editor

The Menu Tabs are located in the red navigation bar directly beneath the banner. When you hover your mouse over a menu tab the pages beneath the menu will be displayed.

  1. To create a new menu tab create a basic page.  What you choose as a title will be what is displayed on the red navigation menu.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
    • Click the check box beside Provide a menu link
    • The Menu settings will expand
    • The Menu link title is what was entered as a title above
    • Enter a description that will be displayed whenever a mouse hovers over the title (optional).
    • The Parent item menu defaults to  < Main menu >
    • Pages saved on the Main menu become menu tabs.
    • Click Save

    screenshot illustrating above steps

  2. The page will be displayed
    • From the Moderate: drop down menu select Published
    • Click the Apply button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  3. The new tab is now displayed at the end of the  red navigation bar. 

    screenshot illustrating above step