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Information Technology Services

Moving a Menu Tab or Page Using the Structure Menu

Site Administrators can move a page without unpublishing it after it has been published.

Publishers and Editors can move an unpublished page.

 If you would like to have a menu tab moved to another location this can be done in two ways. 

  • From the Structure menu - Site Administrator only
    • The menu tab and all pages below it will be moved.  Pages do not need to be unpublished first.
  • By saving the page to a new location. 
    • Page must be unpublished first.
    • Child pages will not be moved with the parent, they will move up one level and possible become tabs on the main menu
    • Publisher can unpublish and move a page, Editor can move a page.
    • See the Moving a Page tutorial.

Moving a Menu Tab or Page using the Structure menu 


  1. From the Management menu bar select Structure

    screenshot illustrating above step
  2. The Structure menu will  open 
    • Select Menus

    screenshot illustrating above step

  3. The Menus screen will open 
    • from the Main menu section select  list links

    screenshot illustrating above step

  4. The Menu Link page will open 
    • Scroll down and locate the tab  or page you want to move
    • Click and hold  the "crosshairs" beside the name and drag the file to its new location.  Drop the file. 

    screenshot illustrating above step

  5. Make sure the web page is in the correction location.  If you moved the crosshair to the right, the page would be moved under another tab. 
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen
    • Click the Save configuration button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  6. Click Home
    • The Tab has now been moved to it's new location.

    screenshot illustrating above step