Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Publish or Unpublish a Page

Site Administrators and Publishers can Publish or Unpublish a page.

Each page has three moderation states:

  • Draft  - when a page is first created it is in Draft state.  A Draft page is only visible on the authoring site.
  • Needs Review - when the page has been created and is ready to be published it can be placed in a Needs Review state for someone with the Publisher role or Site Administrator role to publish. 
  • Published - a published page is viewable by everyone by accessing the live page.  A page that has already been published can be set to the Needs Review state.  This page would continue to  have a published version that was visible by the public and a draft that could be edited.  To remove a page from the live site it needs to be unpublished. Once unpublished it can be edited or deleted. 

In WebPublish everything you need to know about a page is displayed at the top of the page.  There is a tabs menu at the top of the page that allow the user to View Published (if the page is published), View Draft, Edit draft, Moderate, and  Clone content (Copy).  The tabs available will increase and decrease depending on the revision state of the page.  Directly below the tabs menu is a shaded area that shows the Revision state, whether this is the current draft, and the Actions that can be taken.  

 screenshot illustrating moderation tabs

Publishing a Page

 Publishing a Page can be done from Several areas: 

  1. On the View Draft tab in the revision area of the page
  2. On the Moderate tab for the page
  3. From the Workbench, Needs Review tab
  1. Go to the page you wish to publish 
    • Click the View Draft tab to select it
    • In the revision area, from the Set moderation state: drop down menu select Published
    • Click the Apply button
    • Note:  you now have a View Published tab

    screenshot illustrating above steps

  2. Go to the Moderate tab
    • The current draft is displayed with a pink background
    • From the Set Moderation state: drop down menu select Published.
    • Click the Apply button.

    screenshot illustrating above step

  3. Go to My Workbench 
    • Click the Needs Review  tab
    • Locate the page within the list
    • In the Set Moderation State column select Change to Published

    screenshot illustrating above step


Unpublish a Page

When a page is unpublished it is removed from the public web site.  It can only be viewed in the authoring environment.

A page can be unpublished in two locations:

  1. from the View published tab
  2. from the Moderate tab

screenshot illustrating above step

  • Whether the page is unpublished from the View Published or the Moderate tab the Unpublish screen will open 
    • The question Are you sure that you want to unpublish the live revision of this content? is asked
    • Set the Moderation state to Needs Review or Draft
    • Click the Unpublish button 

    screenshot illustrating above step