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Information Technology Services

Revert to a Previous Version of a Page

Note: Only Site Administrators and Publishers can revert to a previous version of a page.

The Moderate tab contains a history of the page you are viewing.  Each time the file is saved, it is given a revision number and will display the date and time the revision was made, along with the name of the user who made it.  

It is possible for a page to have many revisions:

  • green revision represents the current published version of the file;
  • a pink revision represents the most recent save of the file (this could be set as either a Draft or as Needs Review);
  • a grey revision represents any other previous revision.

Screenshot of the current published and draft revisions

Important: When reverting to a previous version of a page, the page will also be reverted to the most recent moderation state of that version. The moderation state of the version can be found in the "Moderation Actions" column, as shown in the screenshot below.

There are a couple of cases where it is particularly important to be aware of the moderation state of the revision that you are reverting to. If, for example, you have a published page on your site and you revert to a previous version that was last in a state of Draft, your page will be unpublished and put in a state of Draft. Similarly, if you were working in a draft of an unpublished page and reverted to a version of that page that was last in a state of Published, that previous version of the page would immediately be published.

Best Practice: Always check the moderation state of a previous version before reverting to it. This can be identified in the "Moderation Actions" column. A single revision may have changed states a number of times; if so, look for the first bullet point in the list. The change in state will always be in the format [Moderation State] --> [Moderation State]. The relevant state when reverting is the one to the right of the arrow. 


For example, in the case below, when we revert to Revision 295, our page will switch from its current published state to a draft state:

Screenshot of the draft status of a previous revision

How to Revert to a Previous Version

  1. To view a previous version of a page click the Moderate tab
    • Click the View button for the previous version of the page you are interested in. 
    • Note that this is optional, as you can revert to a previous version without first viewing it.

    Screenshot of the view option in the moderate tab

  2. The Revision will open
    • The page can be viewed but not edited.
    • To return to the Moderate tab and the history of the revisions, click the Revisions link in the breadcrumbs of the file

Screenshot of how to return to the Moderate tab after viewing a revision

  1. The Moderate tab will re-open
    • Click the Revert button

    Screenshot of the Revert option in the Moderate tab

  2. The Are you sure you want to revert to the revision from [day, date, time] screen will open
    • Click the Revert button

    Screenshot of the "Are you sure you want to revert" page

  3. The Moderate tab will re-open  
    • There is now a new Revision displayed
    • The Title field indicates that it is a copy of the revision from [day, date, time]
    • In this case, because we reverted to a revision that was in a state of Draft, there is no longer a published revision of the page
    • Click the View Draft tab. The version of the page that you reverted to is displayed. 
    • Click Edit Draft to edit this version of the page

    Screenshot of the current revision of the page and its state (draft)