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Editing the Source Code (HTML)

The Source Code or HTML  is the language that web pages are written in.  WebPublish has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that makes creating a web page as easy as creating a word-processing document.

The source code contains the HTML tags that format your web page.  You can edit these tags using HTML. In WebPublish on the toolbar there is a Source button.  While viewing the source code, there is no formatting of the text, just the codes that will format the text and the text.  For easier reading, some of the codes will be indented.  This is useful when trying to edit HTML where you need to identify the beginning and end of a code. 

The following text is the formatted view 

screenshot of editor in standard view

To view the Source code for the above formatted text click the Source button on the toolbar.  Note that while viewing the source code only two buttons are available for use:  the Maximize button, so you can view the screen at full size (or minimize the screen), and the Source button.  When finished working in the source code, click the Source button to close it.

screenshot of editor in source view

There are many sites on the internet that have HTML tutorials available to anyone interested in knowing more about HTML. To help with understanding the HTML markup provided in Site Enhancements, we provide a breakdown of HTML structure on our HTML Basics page.