Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Regions and Blocks


Every web page is divided into regions. The screen shot below shows the regions and their names.  Some regions (not shown) are prefilled with banners, logos and menus but the ones shown can be customized by the Site Administrator. 

  1. Determine the type of information and where it will be displayed on the web page. Some content may need to be created in advance (for example, slideshows). Examples of items that can be added to a web page include (but are not limited to):

screenshot illustrating regions

Create a Block

  1. Open the Structure menu
    • Select Blocks

    screenshot illustrating above step

  2. The Blocks Administration screen will open
    • Click the Add block button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  3. The Add block screen will open
    • In the Block title field enter a name for the block.  This will be displayed above the block.  This field is optional
    • In the Block description field enter a description of the block.  This will be displayed on the block administration page and is used to help you identify the block
    • In the Block body area enter the content for your block.  This can be an image, text, slideshow, etc.  The Editing tools can be used to format your text, add links, etc.
    • In the Region Settings section from the Site WebPublish drop down menu select the region in which the block is to be displayed
    • In the Visibility settings section choose which webpage(s) the block will be displayed on. 
      • To have the block displayed on the Home page select Only the listed pages and enter < front > .  
      • To have the block displayed on a specific page other than the home page, enter the path for the page (everything after the homepage path). 
      • For example, if your site homepage is and your specific page is located at, you would enter "webpublish/tutorials"
      • Click the Save button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  4. The block is displayed  
    • Note that since no title was added there is no title for the block

    screenshot illustrating above step