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WebPublish Update Notes

November 15th Update Notes

Please see the information below regarding our most recent WebPublish changes. We hope that they will provide your site with added value and enhance your site-authoring experience. 

Emergency Messaging

All WebPublish sites will now automatically display emergency messages that are posted on the main University website. These messages are created and disseminated by University Relations in coordination with the university's Emergency Response Team and/or the Inclement Weather Committee. All notices will be as brief as possible, will direct readers to another page (usually the Queen's Gazette site) for more information, and will be removed as soon as the situation is no longer of concern.

Questions or concerns about specific live messages, as they are posted, can be directed to University Relations via Robin Moon ( or by calling the main line at x32305.

Messages will appear above the site banner and below the "Search and Sign in" menu, with the following formatting:

Screenshot of a sample emergency messaging warning appearing above the site banner

Please note that because of this feature, you will now see a new "Emergency alerts from the Gazette" block appearing in the User Bar Second menu of Structure > Blocks. Please kindly do not modify or disable this block on your site.

Screenshot of the new "Emergency alters from the Gazette" block entry in the User Bar Second section of Structure > Blocks

Introducing the Webform Module 

The Webform module is a tool that allows for the implementation of forms and surveys on your site, such as for the collection of feedback from site visitors, registration for an event, or simply a means for visitors to contact your department. 

Features include: 

  • The ability to create single or multi-page forms; 
  • The option to add conditional logic to customize the form fields that should appear; 
  • The ability to send submission results via email to necessary individuals who don't have access in the WebPublish authoring environment; 
  • The ability to add reCAPTCHA to your forms, a free security service that protects your site from spam and abuse. 

How do I get it?

If you are interested in having the Webform module enabled for your site, it can be requested at any time by a site owner, using the IT Services Help FormNote: Your live site must be secure in order to have the Webform module enabled.

Support Resources

Once enabled, visit our new Webform Tutorials to help you get started building your webforms. We will also be running an Introduction to Webforms workshop on the module on November 21st. If you are interested in attending, please sign-up via the link on our WebPublish Training page. 

Note: only users with the Site Administrator role will be able to administer Webforms (e.g., create, edit, publish, etc.). 

Permissions Changes 

To streamline the site-authoring experience, the following permissions will be enabled for the Publisher and Editor roles: 


  • Administer menus: Publishers will now be able to manage menu links using the Structure > Menus tool.
  • Administer blocks and block classes: Publishers will now be able to manage block content using the Structure > Blocks tool.
  • Administer news feeds: In addition to managing generic blocks, Publishers will be able to create News Feed blocks to display data from external RSS feeds. 
  • Access broken links report: Publishers will now be able to access the Reports > Broken Links tool in WebPublish. This report provides you with a list of broken links across your site and will tell you on what page or block they are appearing.


  • Moderate all content from Needs Review to Draft: Previously, Editors were not able to move content from a moderation state of Need Review back to a state of Draft. This permission has been changed so that they now have this functionality.
  • Access broken links report: Editors will also now be able to access the Reports > Broken Links tool in WebPublish. Note: As an editor, while you will be able to see the full list of broken links on your site, you will only be able to fix links that appear on basic pages. You will not be able to fix links that appear on blocks.

Siteimprove CMS Deeplinking 

The Siteimprove CMS Deeplink is a direct link into your WebPublish site's authoring environment.  It has the potential to bring you directly to the corresponding page in your site that you were viewing in Siteimprove. The link makes it possible to move quickly between Siteimprove and the WebPublish authoring environment, therefore making the process of finding and fixing errors on your website more efficient.

To learn more about the Siteimprove service offering at Queen’s or for information on how to request a Siteimprove user account, please visit IT Services Accessibility Service page.

Last updated: November 12, 2018