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A Home for Student Government & Clubs

The JDUC has always been home to the AMS, the SGPS, and student clubs. But only 10 of the 250+ official Queen’s clubs actually have a physical space there right now. The new JDUC is expected to accommodate more than 100 clubs, so that student life can grow and thrive for generations to come. We envision bookable meeting rooms with moveable walls for formal meetings and activities and flexible lounging space for impromptu gatherings.

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A Home for Student Government & Clubs

Graduate Student Space

With 137 programs and office and lab space in virtually every building on campus, you can imagine how hard it’s been to build community among our grad students. Dedicated gathering space in the new JDUC will enable our grad students to feel connected with each other and with the broader Queen’s student community.

Study Space

During the last month of any semester, it’s almost impossible to find study space in the library. It’s no wonder that students have cited a lack of available public study space as one of their biggest concerns. The new JDUC will have more than 6,000 square feet of new public study spaces, available 24 hours a day, all year long.

New Atrium

Wellness Space

Sometimes you just need a quiet place to relax and recharge. Whether it’s with peer support, group therapy, or just a quiet room for private relaxation, the new JDUC will give our students a secure, discreet space to get the help they need.

Public Space

Spacious, light-filled, open, and inviting, the new JDUC’s public spaces will be open around the clock for everything from impromptu gatherings to programmed events.

Public Space

Queen's Pub

Imagine a bigger kitchen so that the QP can expand its menu. Imagine an outdoor patio that’s open from March until November. All of this is part of the plan at the new JDUC.

Student-run Businesses

We’re also planning to expand the services of Common Ground Coffee House,  the P&CC, and Tricolour Outlet.

The Brew


More Accessible

The new JDUC will include at-grade entrances at all entry points, more elevators, and full, barrier-free accessibility in all parts of the building, including the historic spaces.

More Sustainable

We envision the new JDUC as the first of a new generation of green buildings at Queen’s. The design plans call for the integration of green technology, advanced energy modeling, renewable materials, and environmental certifications.


Proposed changes will include moving the shipping and receiving area underground, which means no more trucks arriving to the north side of the JDUC. The loading dock will be replaced by an accessible outdoor plaza.