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Hebrew Language and Literature

Introductory biblical Hebrew, now offered in the History Department, is intended both for students with no background in Hebrew as well as those with significant skills in Hebrew. It offers a systematic approach to the structure of classical Hebrew that will enable students to read and comprehend prose passages from the Hebrew Scriptures. Biblical Hebrew skills are basic to advancement in modern Hebrew as well.

Introductory modern Hebrew is intended only for those with no background in Hebrew or those whose is limited to rudimentary exposure such as supplementary Hebrew schools. Intermediate and advanced modern Hebrew courses are intended for students with backgrounds from day schools, ulpanim, yeshivot, extended time in Israel, Israeli families, and university Hebrew courses. Advanced courses provide an opportunity to study literature, prose and poetry, newspapers, television, film, music, and conversation at the level of the students enrolled in each class and according to their interests.

The courses in Hebrew at Queen's are essential for a concentration in Jewish studies, and for advanced work in the field and in religious studies, and for professional training for the clergy, including rabbinical, cantorial, and ministerial programs in addition to Jewish education and communal service. Hebrew courses can be used toward a concentration in Language and Linguistics and an International Studies Certificate.

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