Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies

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Courses offered in 2019-2020


HEBR 190   Introduction to Modern Hebrew (Fall)

HEBR 294   Intermediate Modern Hebrew I (Fall)

HEBR 393   Reading Modern Hebrew Literature


HIST 221   Jewish and World Civilization (until 1492) (Fall)

HIST 222   Jewish and World Civilization (since 1492) (Winter)

HIST 244   Jews on Film (Winter)

HIST 295   The Holocaust (Fall)

HIST 220   Jews without Judaism (Winter)

HIST 244  TIH: Antisemitism in Historical Context (fall)

HIST 344   Plural Visions: New World Jews & the Invention of Multiculturalism (Fall)

Hist 400 TIH: Russian Jewish Encounter in Imperial Russia (winter)


PHIL 367  Jewish Philosophy (Fall)


RELS 398 Judaism in the Modern Age (Fall)