Kingston Conference on International Security

2016: Engagement Between Peace and War: How Soldiers and Military Institutions Adapt

edited by William G. Braun, lll; Stéfanie von Hlatky; Kim Richard Nossal

Contributors: Caroline Leprince, Friedrich Schroeder, Anna L. Sackett, Angela I. Karrasch,  William S. Wey hrauch, Ellen F. Goldman, Bill Bentley, Chaplain (Col.) Jonathan E. Shaw

2016 cover

Released December 2017

Type: Edited Collection

95 Pages

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Today, military operations are conducted across a broad spectrum of conflict. How do we prepare our armed forces to achieve policy objectives in the ambiguous space between peace and war? What cultural awareness and human interactive skills would enhance the military's ability to conduct operations at the lower end of the spectrum of conflict? What are the defence policy, training and doctrinal implications? KCIS 2016 examined how soldiers and military organizations adapt to rapidly changing conflict dynamics with a focus on addressing rivals who challenge Canada, the US and their allies in the “gray zone” and employ tactics associated with “hybrid warfare”. This edited collection features contributions from academic and military experts who examine the theme of adaptation across various dimensions: civil-military relations, interagency cooperation, leader development and spiritual resilience. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Civilian-Military Collaboration in Afghanistan
  • Chapter 2: Interagency Cooperation in Afghanistan
  • Chapter 3: Critical Skills for Soldier Leader Development
  • Chapter 4: Institutional Leadership 2030
  • Chapter 5: Integrating the Soul from War to Peace