Kingston Conference on International Security

Kingston Conference on International Security Series


2017 coverReleased June 2019

2018: The Return of Deterrence: Credibility and Capabilities in a New Era

Contributors: Paul Bernstein, Christopher Bolan, William G. Braun III, John R. Deni, Maj-Gen. Edward F. Dorman III, Stéfanie von Hlatky, A. Thomas Hughes, Alexander Lanoszka. Kim Richard Nossal, Stephen M. Saideman, Hugh White

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The KCIS 2018 edition sought to examine the changing nature of deterrence, both in theory and in contemporary political practice. Deterrence as it was understood during the Cold War has taken a new form in recent years, and with that transformation comes emerging challenges and newer implications. Recent developments in modern technology, cyber warfare, nuclear strategy, and other unconventional security threats are revisited through an exploration of deterrence's capabilities and credibilities.


2017 cover

Released July 2018

2017: Developing the Super Soldier: Enhancing Military Performance

Contributors: Ryan Anderson, William G. Braun III, H. Christine Breede, Evan C. Carter, Jason Dozois, Javier O. Garcia, Gregory M. Gremillion, Stéfanie von Hlatky, Jesse Kirkpatrick, Steve Kornguth, Amar R. Marathe, Jason S. Metcalfe, Col. James Ness, Kim Richard Nossal, C. Anythony Pfaff, James J. Picano, Jean M. Vettel

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The KCIS 2017 edition of the Kingston Conference on International Security examined how best to advance soldier performance to maintain a competitive advantage. Achieving sustainable outcomes in operations relies on sound military strategy and weapons, but also on individual service members performing effectively across multidimensional roles. Looking to the future, senior military leaders and defence officials strive to develop ‘Super Soldiers’ understood as the enhancement of critical skills, from physical and cognitive abilities, to social, cultural and ethical understanding.


2016 cover

Released December 2017

2016: Engagement Between Peace and War: How Soldiers and Military Institutions Adapt

Contributors: Caroline Leprince, Friedrich Schroeder, Anna L. Sackett, Angela I. Karrasch,  William S. Wey hrauch, Ellen F. Goldman, Bill Bentley, Chaplain (Col.) Jonathan E. Shaw

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KCIS 2016 examined how soldiers and military organizations adapt to rapidly changing conflict dynamics with a focus on addressing rivals who challenge Canada, the US and their allies in the “gray zone” and employ tactics associated with “hybrid warfare”. This edited collection features contributions from academic and military experts who examine the theme of adaptation across various dimensions: civil-military relations, interagency cooperation, leader development and spiritual resilience. 


KCIS 2015 Book Cover ImageReleased May 2018

2015: Robotics and Military Operations

Contributors: Elinor SLoan, Simon Monckton, Tony Battista

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KCIS 2015 featured a Research and Industry exhibition for private sector companies and research organizations to showcase new technology and products to a multisector audience. Exhibitors and sponsors were able to engage security-sector practitioners and the operational community on cutting edge innovations in robotics and autonomous systems. The KCIS 2105 agenda, which ran at the same time as the exhibition, covered policies, doctrines, operational requirements and capabilities related to the use of robotics in military operations and gave companies valuable insight into the challenges that face modern security forces.