The Kingston Consortium on International Security

2019: A Changing International Order? Implications for the Security Environment

edited by William G. Braun, lll; Stéfanie von Hlatky; Kim Richard Nossal

Contributors: Christopher Ankersen, William G. Braun III, Carol V. Evans, Kathryn Marie Fisher, Sumit Ganguly, Anna Geis, Stéfanie von Hlatky, Ferry de Kerckhove, Sara K. McGuire. Kim Richard Nossal, Ben Rowswell

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Released October 2020

Type: Edited Collection

145 Pages

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Why is the liberal international order being challenged, and by whom? What are implications of those changes for the United States and its allies in the Americas, the North Atlantic, and in the Indo-Pacific? How has the order lost its legitimacy in recent years, and can it be regained? How is U.S. leadership being challenged by China, Russia, and other states that refuse to accept an American-led international order?

KCIS 2019 examined the implications of the changing international order for international security. It studied the hypercompetitive, multipolar environment in which we find ourselves, marked by a persistent struggle for influence and position within a “grey zone” of competition.

This edited collection features contributions from academic and military experts who have examined the future of the liberal international order and what is at stake. These evidence-based examinations discuss the challenges to the order, and why it has been so difficult to articulate a compelling narrative to support the continuation of American leadership.

Table of Contents:   

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 – U.S. Domestic's Politics and the Changing Order 
  • Chapter 3 – Economic Drivers and the Reshaping of the International Security Landscape 
  • Chapter 4 – Perspectives on a Changing World Order: The America 
  • Chapter 5 – The Americas: (Dis)Ordering, Security, and Politics 
  • Chapter 6 – Southern Approaches: Border Security and the International Order 
  • Chapter 7 – The European Union: Soul-Searching and Role-Searching in Unsettling Global Times 
  • Chapter 8 – India and Global Liberal Order
  • Chapter 9 - Canada's Future in the Indo-Pacific is Plastic 
  • Chapter 10 – Then and Now: Canada's Role in Uniting the Democracies 

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