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Nicholas Bala,"Bringing Canada's Divorce Act into the New Millennium: Enacting a Child-Focused Parenting Law" (PDF 573 KB)

Lisa Coleen Kerr,"The Chronic Failure to Control Prisoner Isolation in US and Canadian Law" (PDF 492 KB)

Micah B. Rankin, "The Origins, Evolution and Puzzling Irrelevance of Jury Recommendations in Second-Degree Murder Sentencing" (PDF 342 KB)

Kathryn Chan, "The Co-optation of Charities by Threatened Welfare States" (PDF 485 KB)

Daniella Murynka, "Give Me One Good Reason: The "Principled Approach" in the Canadian Judicial Opinion" (PDF 367 KB)

Colin Jackson, "The Case for a Canadian Offer-in-Compromise Program" (PDF 380 KB)

Sarah E. Hamill, "Common Law Property Theory and Jurisprudence in Canada(PDF 315 KB)

Martin Z. P. Olszynski, "Ancient Maxim, Modern Problems: De Minimis, Cumulative Environmental Effects and Risk-Based Regulation(PDF 406 KB)

Madeleine Conway, "A New Duty of Care? Tort Liability from Voluntary Human Rights Due Diligence in Global Supply Chains(PDF 467 KB)

Book Review

John D. Whyte, Democracy in Decline: Steps in the Wrong Direction by James Allan (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2014) (PDF 158 KB)

Volume 40 No 1 - Fall 2014

Crimmigration, Surveillance and "Security Threats": A Multidisciplinary Dialogue

Sharryn Aiken, David Lyon & Malcolm Thorburn, "Introduction" (PDF 189 KB)

Audrey Macklin, "Citizenship Revocation, the Privilege to Have Rights and the Production of the Alien" (PDF 542 KB)

Juliet P. Stumpf, "Civil Detention and Other Oxymorons" (PDF 487 KB)

Kent Roach, "Be Careful What You Wish For? Terrorism Prosecutions in Post-9/11 Canada" (PDF 432 KB)

Elspeth Guild & Karin Zwaan, "Does Europe Still Create Refugees? Examining the Situation of the Roma" (PDF 308 KB)


Jacob Weinrib,"The Modern Constitutional State: A Defence" (PDF 489 KB)

Paul Daly,"Canada's Bipolar Administrative Law: Time for Fusion" (PDF 389 KB)

Brian Langille & Benjamin Oliphant, "The Legal Structure of Freedom of Association" (PDF 514 KB)

Paul B. Miller, "Multiple Loyalties and the Conflicted Fiduciary" (PDF 416 KB)

Vince Morabito, "Additional Compensation to Representative Plaintiffs in Ontario: Conceptual, Empirical and Comparative Perspectives" (PDF 487 KB)

Greg Weber, "Waiver of Tort: Disgorgement Ex Nihilo" (PDF 385 KB)