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    Editors meeting to discuss a new submission in the Queen's Law Journal office.

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    An editor reading a published version of the Queen's Law Journal.

QLJ/CLELJ Volunteer Editor Application Form, 2018-19

About Us 

The Queen's Law Journal is one of Canada's leading peer-reviewed legal publications. 

Since 1971, the Queen's Law Journal has been a vehicle for high quality research, analysis, and critical commentary by legal scholars, practitioners, and students.

The Queen's Law Journal strives to foster diversity of opinion on a wide variety of legal issues by publishing interdisciplinary perspectives on legal topics and encouraging submissions from a range of writers and students. It is run by a student board of editors under the supervision of Professors Jean Thomas and Grégoire Webber.

As a fully refereed law review, the Queen's Law Journal has become a respected academic publication with an international audience. The Queen's Law Journal can be accessed in numerous legal databases, including LexisNexis, HeinOnline, Gale, WestLaw, and EBSCO.