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The Queen's Law Journal is published twice a year, in late fall and in the spring. The Journal publishes articles, comments and book reviews written in both English and French and is circulated to approximately 900 individuals and institutions around the world.

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Queen's Law Journal
ISSN 0316-778X
Index to Legal Periodicals ISSN 0019-4077

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Invoices are mailed to subscribers in the spring and subscriptions operate on a continuous basis until written cancellation is received. No refunds.

Each subscription is based on our May through April academic year. Claims must be made within 6 months from the publication date. Our Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Registration Number is R10786 8705 RT0001.

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Canadian: CDN $50.00 (add 5% federal portion of HST/GST).

Alumni: CDN $40.00 (add 5% federal portion of HST/GST).

International: CDN $50.00.

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To directly subscribe to the Queen's Law Journal, or for other subscription inquiries, please Email:  Carol.Johnson@Queensu.ca