Queen's Law Journal

Queen's Law Journal
Queen's Law Journal

Volume 38(1) - Fall 2012


Sean Rehaag, "Judicial Review of Refugee Determinations: The Luck of the Draw?".

Matthew Lewans, "Deference and Reasonableness SinceDunsmuir".

Michael Plaxton, "Police Powers After Dicey".

Vanessa A MacDonnell, "R v Sinclair: Balancing Individual Rights and Societal Interests Outside of Section 1 of the Charter".

Pnina Alon-Shenker, "The Duty to Accommodate Senior Workers: Its Nature, Scope and Limitations".

Brian M Studniberg, "Minding the Gap in Tax Interpretation: Does Specificity Oust the General Anti-Avoidance Rule Post-Copthorne?". 

Michael Pal, "The Promise and Limits of Citizens' Assemblies: Deliberation, Institutions and the Law of Democracy". 

Case Comment

Ari Linds, "A Deal Breaker: Prosecutorial Discretion to Repudiate Plea Agreements after R v Nixon".