Queen's Law Journal

Queen's Law Journal
Queen's Law Journal

Volume 38(2) - Spring 2013

Faultlines and Borderlines in Labour Law: The Future of the Wagner Act in Canada and the United States. 

Guest Editors: John Craig & Michael Lynk

Wilma B Liebman, "Labour Law, Economic Justice and Political Rhetoric: Reflections on the Wagner Act".

Brian W Burkett, "The Future of the Wagner Act:  A Canadian-American Comparison".

John Godard, "Labour Law and Union Recognition in Canada:  A Historical-Institutionalist Perspective".

Kevin Banks, "Must Canada Change Its Labour and Employment Laws to Compete with the United States?".

Elizabeth Shilton, "Choice, but No Choice: Adjudicating Human Rights Claims in Unionized Workplaces in Canada".

David J Doorey, "Graduated Freedom of Association: Worker Voice Beyond the Wagner Model".

Paul M Secunda, "The Wagner Model of Labour Law is Dead---Long Live Labour Law!".


Louise Bélanger-Hardy, "Reconsidering the 'Recognizable Psychiatric Illness' Requirement in Canadian Negligence Law".

Case Comment

Veronica Ashenhurst, "Litigating Informer Privilege under Section 37 of the Canadian Evidence Act: A Critique of R v Basi".