Queen's Law Journal

Queen's Law Journal
Queen's Law Journal

Volume 39(1) - Fall 2013

In Memory of Ron Delisle

Don Stuart, "A Tribute to Ron Delisle".

Allan Manson, "Ron Delisle: A Personal Tribute".

Lisa Dufraimont, "Realizing the Potential of the Principled Approach to Evidence".


Vaughan Black, "Conditional Forum Non Conveniens in Canadian Courts".

Steve Coughlan, "The Rise and Fall of Duress: How Duress Changed Necessity Before Being Excluded by Self-Defence".

Charles Paul Hoffman, "A Reappraisal of the Canadian Anti-Combines Act of 1889".

Howard Kislowicz, "Sacred Laws in Earthly Courts: Legal Pluralism in Canadian Religious Freedom Litigation".

Michael Marin, "Disembedding Corporate Governance: The Crisis of Shareholder Primacy in the UK and Canada".

Nola M Ries & Katherine J Fisher, "The Increasing Involvement of Physicians in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Considerations of Professional Regulation and Patient Safety".

Case Comment

Andrea Slane, "Privacy and Civic Duty in R v Ward: The Right to Online Anonymity and the Charter-Compliant Scope of Voluntary Cooperation with Police Requests".

Review Essay

Michael Plaxton, "John Gardner's Transatlantic Shadow".