Queen's Law Journal

Queen's Law Journal
Queen's Law Journal

Volume 40(1) - Fall 2014

Crimmigration, Surveillance and "Security Threats": A Multidisciplinary Dialogue

Sharryn Aiken, David Lyon & Malcolm Thorburn, "Introduction".

Audrey Macklin, "Citizenship Revocation, the Privilege to Have Rights and the Production of the Alien".

Juliet P Stumpf, "Civil Detention and Other Oxymorons".

Kent Roach, "Be Careful What You Wish For? Terrorism Prosecutions in Post-9/11 Canada".

Elspeth Guild & Karin Zwaan, "Does Europe Still Create Refugees? Examining the Situation of the Roma".


Jacob Weinrib, "The Modern Constitutional State: A Defence".

Paul Daly, "Canada's Bipolar Administrative Law: Time for Fusion".

Brian Langille & Benjamin Oliphant, "The Legal Structure of Freedom of Association".

Paul B Miller, "Multiple Loyalties and the Conflicted Fiduciary".

Vince Morabito, "Additional Compensation to Representative Plaintiffs in Ontario: Conceptual, Empirical and Comparative Perspectives".

Greg Weber, "Waiver of Tort: Disgorgement Ex Nihilo".