Queen's Law Journal

Queen's Law Journal
Queen's Law Journal

Volume 40(2) - Spring 2015


Nicholas Bala, "Bringing Canada's Divorce Act into the New Millennium: Enacting a Child-Focused Parenting Law".

Lisa Coleen Kerr, "The Chronic Failure to Control Prisoner Isolation in US and Canadian Law".

Micah B Rankin, "The Origins, Evolution and Puzzling Irrelevance of Jury Recommendations in Second-Degree Murder Sentencing".

Kathryn Chan, "The Co-optation of Charities by Threatened Welfare States".

Daniella Murynka, "Give Me One Good Reason: The "Principled Approach" in the Canadian Judicial Opinion".

Colin Jackson, "The Case for a Canadian Offer-in-Compromise Program".

Sarah E Hamill, "Common Law Property Theory and Jurisprudence in Canada".

Martin Z P Olszynski, "Ancient Maxim, Modern Problems: De Minimis, Cumulative Environmental Effects and Risk-Based Regulation".

Madeleine Conway, "A New Duty of Care? Tort Liability from Voluntary Human Rights Due Diligence in Global Supply Chains".

Book Review

John D Whyte, Democracy in Decline: Steps in the Wrong Direction by James Allan (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2014).