Queen's Law Journal

Queen's Law Journal
Queen's Law Journal

Volume 41(1) - Fall 2015

Guest Editor: Richard Albert, "Comparative Perspectives on Canadian Constitutional Change"

Ran Hirschl, "Constitutional Renewal: Comparative Lessons for Canada"

Paul Daly, "A Supreme Court’s Place in the Constitutional Order: Contrasting Recent Experiences in Canada and the United Kingdom"

Stephen Tierney, "Popular Constitutional Amendment: Referendums and Constitutional Change in Canada and the United Kingdom"

Erin Crandall, "Defeat and Ambiguity: The Pursuit of Judicial Selection Reform for the Supreme Court of Canada"

Hoi L Kong, "Deliberative Constitutional Amendments"

Richard Albert, "The Theory and Doctrine of Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendment in Canada"


Mohamed F Khimji & Christopher C Nicholls, "Piercing the Corporate Veil in the Canadian Common Law Courts: An Empirical Study"


Daphne Barak-Erez, "Writing Law: Reflections on Judicial Decisions and Academic Scholarship"