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Jeff Daniels

         Jeff Daniels 



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About Jeff
Jeff Daniels is the Principal of GHD Limited, Engineering and Environmental Consulting.  For the CREATE grant, he will serve as a voting member of the Program Committee. GHD will also serve as a host for a number of internships and as an end-user in various forms.



Philip Gray

         Philip Gray 



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About Philip
Philip Gray is a Sector Lead at XCG's Water Group which is now part of the Cole Engineering Group. He eared his B.A.Sc.in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and has been working as an Engineer in the field for 26 years. For the CREATE grant, he will facilitate student internships through the Cole Engineering Group.


Geof Hall

         Dr. Geof Hall 



           Email: gh26@queensu.ca



About Geof
Dr. Geof Hall is the Education and Outreach Director of the Beaty Water Research Centre (BWRC), as well as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Environmental Sciences. Dr. Hall’s research interests include a surface and groundwater quality, including microbial biomes and their role in natural and engineered systems. In addition, his interests include holistic approaches to the assessment of environmental factors affecting human health. These include the modeling and movement of infectious, water-borne and zoonotic diseases, along with heat-related illness effects at the community level. For the CREATE grant, he will help to coordiante the overall program. Dr. Hall has extensive experience in the delivery of multidisciplinary training and outreach programs. He will also serve as a non-voting member of the Program Committee.


Dr. Michael Hulley

         Dr. Michael Hulley 



           Email: Michael.hulley@rmc.ca 



About Michael
Dr. Michael Hulley is a Department Head and Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada. He also has cross-appointment in the Department of Chemistry and and Chemical Engineering. He is a senior consultant, and former managing partner, at XCG Consultants Limited. Dr. Hully is a water resources specialist and has worked throughout North America on a broad range of groundwater and surface water projects ranging from vulnerability and risk assessments for municipal water supplies in Canada, the US and Barbados, to investigations of surface water impacts associated with municipal combined sewer overflow in Ohio, Connecticut, and Ontario. For the CREATE grant, he will contribute to Environmental modeling and Water Sustainability Workshops.



Anastasia Lintner

         Dr. Anastasia Lintner 



           Email: al125@queensu.ca

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About Anastasia
Anastasia Lintner is a passionate public interest advocate and Principal of Lintner Law, an enterprise that focuses on sustainability law and policy. Dr. Lintner is also Special Projects Counsel, Healthy Great Lakes at Canadian Environmental Law Association. Prior to moving to private practice in 2014, she was employed as a staff lawyer and economist with Ecojustice Canada for more than a decade. Having received a PhD in natural resource and environmental economics at the University of Guelph before returning to postsecondary study of law, Dr. Lintner has taught and researched at numerous post-secondary institutions. She has embraced the use of online learning management systems in all of her teaching. Dr. Lintner specializes in environmental assessment, conservation and water law, and in Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights. For the CREATE grant, she will contribute to policy, law and ethics training modules of courses. She will also lead the Aquahacking Challenge with the de Gaspe Beaubien Foundation.





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         Christine McCLure 



           Email: cmcclure@quinteconservation.ca

           Quinte Conservation Website


About Christine
Christine McCLure is the Water Resources and Watershed Manager of Quinte Conservation. As part of the CREATE grant, she will serve as a non-profit/non-governmental organization member on the Program Committee. She will also help to facilitate student internships in watershed management through Quinte Conservation and act as a mentor.





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         Lorie McFarland 



           Email: lmcfarland@loyalist.ca

           Loyalist Township Website


About Lorie
Lorie McFarland is the Utilities Manager, Utilities Division, Wastewater Treatment for the Loyalist Township. As part of the CREATE grant, she will help to facilitate student internships through the Loyalist Township and contribute to training at field research sites.





Ryan Mulligan

         Dr. Ryan Mulligan 



           Email: ryan.mulligan@queensu.ca

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About Ryan
Dr. Ryan Mulligan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University. He is a coastal engineer and oceanographer, with interests in the physical forces that cause changes to coastal regions and the ways in which coastal systems respond. He is particularly interested in surface waves, ocean currents, transport of water and sediments and contaminants, and changes in the geomorphology of the coastline and seabed and in coastal regions that are exposed to severe storms including hurricanes, with large waves and strong currents, and understanding coastal erosion and flooding. Lastly, he is interested in marine renewable energy, and impacts on the marine environment. As part of the CREATE grant, he will help to facilitate coastal environment training for students.





Kevin Mumford

         Dr. Kevin Mumford 



           Email: kevin.mumford@queensu.ca

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About Kevin
Dr. Kevin Mumford is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University. Dr. Mumford is interested in the movement of multiple fluid phases (water, oil, gases) in porous media, and the mass transfer between those phases. These processes are relevant to many important environmental systems. Of particular interest to Dr. Mumford is how gas production and flow in the subsurface, due to both natural processes and as a result of remediation-based mechanisms, can affect the processes that control contamination and remediation.  Dr. Mumford’s research uses a combination of laboratory experiments and numerical modelling to identify and quantify fundamental behaviour, and apply new insights to remediation scenarios. As part of the CREATE grant, he will help to facilitate groundwater contaminant training for students.





Kent Novakowski

         Dr. Kent Novakowski 



           Email: kent.novakowski@queensu.ca

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About Kent
Dr. Kent Novakowski is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University as well as the Associate Vice-Principal of Research at Queen's. Dr. Novakowski and his graduate students conduct research in the areas of fluid flow and contaminant migration in fractured rock. Recent work has focused on the field measurement and numerical simulation of aqueous phase contaminant transport in large discrete fractures which pervade the dolostones and limestones common to the sedimentary basins of North America. Dr. Novakowski also develops semi-analytical and analytical-element models for the simulation of solute transport, the interpretation of hydraulic tests, and the design of capture zones in sparsely-fractured bedrock. Recently, he has become involved in collaborative research projects that are focused on understanding sustainable water supply and regional groundwater flow in complex fractured rock environments. As part of the CREATE grant, he will help to facilitate groundwater field training for students.





Jeff Ridal

         Dr. Jeff Ridal 



           Email: jridal@riverinstitute.ca

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About Jeff
Dr. Jeff Ridal is an Executive Director and Chief Research Scientist Professor at the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Queen's University and the University of Ottawa in the School of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Biology, respectively. His educational background is in chemistry and oceanography. His research predominantly involves water and sediment quality issues, including recreational water quality, fate and transport of contaminants, and food web bioaccumulation. As part of the CREATE grant, he will help to facilitate watershed monitoring training for students. He will also help facilitate student internships through the River Institute.





Allison Rutter

         Dr. Allison Rutter 



           Email: ruttera@queensu.ca

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About Allison
Allison Rutter is the Director of the Analytical Services Unit (ASU) at Queen's University and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences. In addition to running the ASU, Dr. Rutter maintains an active research program. Current research interests include PCB and petroleum hydrocarbon remediation in the Arctic, as well as phytoremediation; the use of plants to remediate and rehabilitate contaminated sites. She has been working in the Arctic and involved in site remediation since 1995. For the CREATE grant, she will contribute to analytical methods as well as to the Water Sector Entrepreneurship and Technology Implementation course.





Les Stanfield

         Les Stanfield 





About Les
Les Stanfield is currently a Senior Ecologist at Ecohealth Solutions. Les has a B.Sc. in Fisheries Biology from the University of Guelph and a M.Sc. in stream and landscape ecology from the University of Toronto. Les worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources for nearly 30 years before he co-founded Ecohealth Solutions. He developed the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol and its associated databases and collaboratives such as the Stream Monitoring and Research Teams and to bring science to the challenge of quantifying the cumulative effects of disturbances on stream health. Early in his career he led the development of the Watershed Report Card and he now returns to the goal of that manual as he works towards developing tools to help communities make informed decisions about how to best manage their ecological, economic, social and human health goals for a watershed. For the CREATE grant, he will contribute to analytical methods as well as to the Water Sustainability Workshops for students.





Douglas Wilton

         Douglas Wilton 



           Email: doug.wilton@tecta-pds.com

           TECTA-PDS Website


About Douglas
Douglas Wilton is the President and CEO of TECTA-PDS (Pathogen Detection Systems). Douglas is a Professional Engineer with over 20 years of senior operational and general management experience and multiple successes in the development and management of new technical businesses in a variety of industrial environments. He has a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University. Douglas assumed the role of President and CEO after leading the management buyout of TECTA-PDS from Veolia Water in early 2016. With sales in over 25 countries, he guides the organization as it pursues its mandate of revolutionizing the microbiological monitoring of water. For the CREATE grant, he will contribute to facilitating student internships through TECTA-PDS, as well as serving as a mentor. He will also serve as a voting member and  representative of industry on the Program Committee.





Graham Whitelaw

         Dr. Graham Whitelaw 



           Email: whitelaw@queensu.ca

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About Graham
Graham Whitelaw is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Studies and the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen's University. He has over 20 years of experience in the land use and environmental policy fields, 10 of those with the Land Use Policy Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment. His research interests are focused on environmental assessment, land use planning, community based and multi-party monitoring and First Nations. He is currently working with the Mushkegowuk Cree of the Western James Bay, the Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment, and a group of stakeholders across the Oak Ridges Moraine, north of the City of Toronto on the Niagara Escarpment, and a group of stakeholders across the Oak Ridges Moraine, north of the City of Toronto. For the CREATE grant, he will contribute to water sustainability workshops, and will link to the First Nations communities.