Research Staff

Angel Benny Paul portraitAngel Benny Paul

Angel joined the lab in April 2024 as a research assistant. She is responsible for updating and troubleshooting Kinarm software, as well as collecting data on the Kinarm. Currently a fourth-year mechatronics and robotics engineering student, Angel's interests include robotics in healthcare and mobile robotics.

Blank portrait.Mary Jo Demers

Mary Jo is a physiotherapist who joined the lab in November 2006. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor, Ontario, 1985. A second undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy from Queen's University, Kingston, 1989, and has been working at Providence Care, St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital since 1989, primarily in Stroke Rehabilitation. Mary Jo retired in December 2021 but continues to work in the lab to support our clinical projects.

Maxwell He

Maxwell joined the lab in September 2023. He is working as a research assistant collecting clinical and robotic data.
​He is currently a second-year BHSc student at Queen's University.

Catherine Lowrey, PhD

Catherine joined the lab in September of 2012. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc in Human Kinetics. She went on to complete her MSc in Biomechanics with Lori Vallis and her PhD in Neurophysiology with Leah Bent. Her doctoral work focused on cutaneous and muscle receptor contribution to proprioception. Her current focus is understanding how the coupling between voluntary arm movement and associated postural adjustments is impacted with brain injury.


Jordan Miller portrait.Jordan Miller

Jordan graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at St. Lawrence college in 2020. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician and a member of CALAS pursuant of her RLAT certification. She currently works in the Scott Lab as a Laboratory Technologist assisting with the daily functions of the lab.


Kim Moore portrait.Kim Moore

Kim is the senior laboratory technologist and is responsible for the day to day operation of the lab. She graduated from St. Lawrence College (Kingston) in 1992 and is a member of CALAS.

Blank portrait.Lorelei Samis

Lorelei is a physiotherapist who joined the lab in December 2021 as a research assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy degree from Queen’s University, Kingston in 1989. She worked for 31 years at Providence Care Hospital/St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, Kingston primarily in the area of Respiratory Rehabilitation. She retired in June 2021.




Technology Development

Helen Bretzke portrait.Helen Bretzke, BA, BSc

Helen administers the lab's databases and writes software to process and analyze experimental data. She also writes task programs for KINARM robotic labs.  She received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto (2006) and another in Drama from Queen's (1990).

Blank portrait.Sean Hickman

Sean is the lab's Mechanical Technologist. He is involved in new product development, maintenance and repair of equipment.


Blank portrait.Mike Lewis

Mike is the Computing Systems Technologist working in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies. He is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the computer systems, servers, and network equipment within the group.