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Oluatosin Animashaun (Tosin) joined our research team as a Masters student in September 2017. With a background in Zoology, he is passionate about wildlife biodiversity and often finds himself looking for novel ways to improve conservation. Tosin’s project explores conservation dilemmas in southern Africa, specifically focusing on community-based conservation (CBC) in Namibia vis-à-vis large carnivores.  It is known that large carnivores are highly persecuted globally due to the threat they impose on human industries and livelihoods. In Namibia, the communal farming sector constitutes the bulk of agricultural land and livestock farming is the major source of livelihood. One of the major issues facing communal farmers in this region is livestock depredation by carnivores and this often affects the progress of CBC initiatives if inadequately addressed. Tosin will establish a conceptual framework to assess 'best practices' aimed at improving CBC by fostering coexistence between humans and large carnivores while achieving sustainable community development.


Animashaun, Oluwatosin (presenter) and Alice J. Hovorka. 2018. Biodiversity in Africa and the role of social media as facilitator in conservation. Paper presented at the Canadian Association of African Studies Conference, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.