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Jean Jamieson Hanes’ diverse background includes fine arts (painting and drawing) and veterinary studies. Moved by an interest in human/non-human animal relationships, animal ethics and the environment around her, Jean is pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Studies at Queen’s University, focusing on urban wildlife rehabilitation and roadkill in a Southern Ontario context. Rehabilitation and roadkill explore two potential scenarios for urban wildlife, and are juxtaposed to explore the different moral decision-making people might take with urban dwelling animals.

Jean is interested in exploring the emotional geographies present in these shared spaces, and how humans and non-human animals move through these spaces in parallel with each other. By reading, journaling and through the act of art-making, Jean is exploring how our emotions tie into our relationships with these animals, specifically when encountering roadkill or when working with rehabilitated wildlife.

Responses to these experiences and related emotions will be explored through abstract painting and assemblage (three-dimensional collage using found objects) within the theme of ecological and activist art. This artwork will be shown in a gallery setting in an effort to evoke an emotional response to the subject matter and stimulate discussion with the general public. Jean recently presented a poster at the School of Environmental Studies, Queen's University exploring her emotional geographies of roadkill through abstract environmental art.