Message from the Head

Donato SanteramoI would like to welcome you to The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. We offer students the opportunity to learn languages, develop an understanding of literary and cultural traditions, and pursue studies in the field of linguistics.

In 2011 our department was formed by amalgamating the Department of Spanish and Italian, the Department of German and the program in Linguistics. In addition to teaching Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, courses in Hebrew (Biblical and Modern), Anishinaabe, Arabic, Inuktitut, Mohawk and Portuguese languages and cultures have also been added to the curriculum since the Department’s inception.

Furthermore, several transcultural and trans-discipline courses, that range from the study of oral traditions and innovation, to fascism in Europe; from film in the new Europe to mafia culture and from historical linguistics to language and power are now being offered together with more “traditional” literature and linguistics courses.
The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers students the possibility of obtaining Majors, Medials and Minors in various disciplines. With almost thirty faculty members, many of whom are cross-appointed to other departments, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures also offers an innovative approach to the study of languages and cultures by emphasizing the necessity of tackling the study of cultures in an interdisciplinary manner, thus allowing a broader and deeper understanding of our world.

 We also provide a strong social-ethnic appreciation of cultures, and we foster dialogue amongst other departments at Queen’s in order to strengthen students’ understanding of contemporary social, political and economic issues in a cultural context.

 I welcome you browse through our web site and to contact any of the staff and faculty who would be happy to discuss our offerings with you.


Dr. Donato Santeramo
Interim Head