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Certificate of Competence

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Culture offers Certificate of Competence in a language to students who are not registered in one of our degree Plans but have taken certain courses in the language at Queen's, so for example, if you pursuing a minor in German, you are not eligible for a Certificate of Competence in German. Students need to have an overall GPA of 2.90 on the courses counting towards the Certificate.

Note that this is not a Senate-approved Certificate Program and therefore will be noted as an Academic Milestone on the transcript. The Certificate will be issued by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures on behalf of the Faculty of Arts and Science. An administrative fee of $35 will be charged.

Please note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, the administrative fee is waived. Please contact Mrs. Young (contact info below) if you wish to request the certificate.

Students who qualify for the Certificate are to contact:
Mrs. Laurie Young
Administrative Assistant
Kingston Hall, Room 414
Tel: 613-533-2113

Certificates are issued for following languages:

Chinese (Intermediate level):
6.0 units in CHIN 100/6.0
6.0 units in CHIN 200/6.0
6.0 units in CHIN 300/6.0

German (Intermediate level):
6.0 units in GRMN 101/3.0 and GRMN 102/3.0
6.0 units in GRMN 201/3.0 and GRMN 202/3.0
6.0 units from GRMN at the 300 level

Italian (Intermediate level):
6.0 units in ITLN 111/3.0 and ITLN 112/3.0
6.0 units in ITLN 204/3.0 and ITLN 205/3.0
6.0 units from ITLN

Japanese (Intermediate level):
6.0 units in JAPN 100/6.0
6.0 units in JAPN 200/6.0
6.0 units in JAPN 301/3.0 and JAPN 302/3.0

Spanish (Intermediate level):
6.0 units in SPAN 111/3.0 and SPAN 112/3.0
6.0 units in SPAN 204/3.0 and SPAN 205/3.0
6.0 units from SPAN 301/3.0 and SPAN 302/3.0 or SPAN 303/3.0 and SPAN 304/3.0