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This page will provide you with links to study tools for Inuktitut language and give additional information about Inuit history and culture as well as provide with links regarding Aboriginal Studies.

Learning Inuktitut
Online lessons From Tusaalanga Inuktitut online, which offers an innovative approach to mastering the Inuit language.
Useful Inuktitut phrases From Omniglot, the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages
Inuktitut Living Dictionary

The term “Living Dictionary” came from Dave Smith, former Chief Information Officer of Nunavut, and Jim Howse of Multilingual E-Data Solutions, the company that conceived of the project and presented it, in 1999, to a group of interested parties drawn from the Nunavut government and from Nunavut Tunngavit Inc. The company Nortext was instrumental in arranging for the initial glossaries to be available for loading. The Inuktitut name Asuilaak (that which has been long awaited) was chosen by the dictionary steering committee chaired by Carmen Levi in February, 2000. Approval for the project was received early in the year 2000 and a working prototype was mounted at the end of March, 2000. The first production version of the dictionary was launched in October 2000.


Inuit history

From Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web site

Inuit mythology

Inuit myths related to objects in the sky, and aspects of their world.

Inuit myths and legends is QIA's ongoing initiative to collect traditional stories and make them available to the public. 


Webpage with articles about Inuit language, culture, history

Avataq Cultural Institute

This site provides a central location online to learn about Canadian Inuit culture.

Inuit Throat-Singing

Article about throat singing, a form of Inuit music that is usually performed by two women
Queen's Library Resources

Queen's Library has a collection of texts relating to Indigenous Studies .The dictionaries and encyclopedias are located in the Reference section of Stauffer library.

If you need help from a librarian, please contact Ms Nathalie Soini.