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Linguistics Research Group

The Linguistics Research Group exists to bring together researchers at Queen’s working on topics relating to language. We aim to create an inclusive environment for discussion, and welcome anyone who is interested in language-related research to attend, including undergraduate and graduate students. Topics are determined by the current interests of attendees, and includes round-table discussions of recent papers or current topics in linguistics and language research, as well as presentations of current work.

"The Linguistics Research Group meets biweekly, currently on Tuesdays from 11:30-1:00, in Kingston Hall 419. The current schedule of topics appears below; if you would like to suggest a topic, or to be added to the mailing list for the group, please contact Bronwyn Bjorkman (bronwyn.bjorkman [at] queensu [dot] ca)."

Fall 2017 Schedule

September 26 (Week 3): Bronwyn Bjorkman on Person distinctions in Heiltsuk demonstratives (joint work with Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, and Andrew Peters)

October 10 (Week 5): No presentation planned; we hope instead to have a group lunch

October 24 (Week 7): Anastasia Riehl on Indigenous Englishes, and the possibility of Strathy hosting a conference on that topic (relevant resources / articles to be shared before the meeting)

November 7 (Week 9): Monique Dufresne and Charlotte Reinholtz on their ongoing project on Cree

November 21 (Week 11): date held for presentations by students in Field Methods

(December 5 (Week 13): possible second date for student presentations, or a topic deferred from earlier in the semester)


Winter 2017 Topics:

February 1: Bronwyn Bjorkman on recent changes in singular they in English.
February 15: Monique Dufresne on the determiner system of French.
March 1: Charlotte Reinholtz and Lindsay Morcom on the determiner system in Anishnabemowin and Cree
March 15: Anastasia Riel leading discussion on recognition of Indigenous English varieties

Fall 2016 Topics:

October 12: Linguistics in the News: reviews of Tom Wolfe’s The Kingdom of Speech
October 26: Bronwyn Bjorkman and Ruth Norman: a corpus study of the English modals CAN and COULD
November 9: Charlotte Reinholtz: Indeterminate Pronouns in Cree
November 23: Lindsay Morcom: the structure of Anishinaabemowin and language revitalization efforts
December 7: Teaching and Learning in Linguistics (note: meeting in Kingston Hall 419)