HEBR related information

This page will provide you with information about activities beyond the HEBR classroom;  links to study tools and resources, including Israeli literature and give additional information about Israeli culture.

The Hebrew Language program is versatile and energetic. Students have the opportunity to participate in Hebrew Café, attend Israeli Film screenings and join the many events and activities on campus organized by Hillel, the department of languages and the many student groups. Outside campus, there are many opportunities to get involved and join in celebrating the Jewish holidays in one of Kingston community organizations.

Queen's International Student Centre

The Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) is an international education support service for students, faculty and staff at Queen’s. Through its activities the Centre promotes an internationally informed and cross culturally sensitive university community.

QUIC programs and services support

  • the academic and personal development of international students, other international members of the Queen’s community, and their families;
  • the academic and personal development of Queen’s students, staff and faculty interested in Education Abroad; and
  • the internationalization of the campus by working with university departments, offices, groups and individuals to enhance and diversify the international learning environment at Queen’s through educational and training activities.

QUIC offers many cultural events and get-together for students, as well as the opportunity to volunteer to support international students with improving their English as they integrate into Queen’s life.  It is a fruitful way to meet other students from other countries, to help and to learn from one another.

 Check QUIC Calendar of Events for the most up-to-date information.

Israeli Film Night

Israeli movies with English subtitles will be screened during the Fall and the Winter terms as part of the LLCU International Film Night. Announcements will be made at the beginning of each term.

You can also check our news section for the most updated event information.

Hebrew Café

Hebrew Conversation Club at Queen`s invites everyone to weekly meetings. Come, have a coffee and improve your Hebrew.

Open to all interested students. Please contact Prof. Haklai for more information.

Student Clubs

With approximately 450 student clubs to choose from, you can easily enhance what you learn in the classroom and give you the chance to embrace your passions. More than 100 cultural and ethnic student clubs and organizations foster diversity and cultural engagement on campus. Below are AMS (Alma Mater Society) clubs that may be of interests for students of Hebrew:

Name Description
Chabad Club Our mission is to reach out to every Jewish young adult and offer them a way to connect to their Jewish roots within a warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment. Our programs and services aim to challenge the mind, warm the heart, and touch the soul of each student who passes through our doors. Young adult life can be fraught with challenges, especially the challenge of peer pressure
Queen's Hillel

Queen’s Hillel is the centre for Jewish life on campus. Queen’s Hillel acts as a resource for all Jewish students seeking a connection to their cultural identity and a Jewish community. Queen’s Hillel allows its member to relate to their Judaism on a social, cultural and religious level. The club represents Jewish concerns on campus and international issues and strives to promote one of the pillars of our Canadian society, multiculturalism. Hillel seeks to represent the richness and diversity of Jewish culture and through education try and fight ignorance and anti-Semitism

Israel on Campus (IoC) Israel on Campus aspires to provide a voice for the Jewish state at Queen's. The club brings to light Israel's achievements and contributions to the global community, as well as her historical commitment to peace. IOC strives to bring to the forefront the shared values that bind Israelis and Canadians together, and promote lasting peace between Israel and its neighbours.
World Languages Club The World Languages Club hosts cultural and discussion events that bring together students of a common linguistic background and/or interest, regardless of concentration. The majority of our events are nights dedicated to one language (determined by popular demand) with a cultural theme (for example, Oktoberfest for German; Lunar New Year for Chinese).

Kingston community

Kingston is one of the oldest small Jewish communities in Ontario. Jews began arriving there in the early 1840s .Between 1881 and 1901, the Jewish population of Kingston increased from 22 to 128, more than a five-fold increase. Kingston's Jewish population stagnated during the following decades until after the Second World War, due to the Canadian government's severe restrictions on the entry of Jews into Canada. The 1950s, however, were a time of growth for the Jewish community. Many families had acquired wealth, and moved from the north-east part of Kingston to more upscale areas in the south and west. (Source: Ontario Jewish Archive. Photo on the right: Princess Street with the Oberndorffer Cigar Factory, one of the earliest Jewish businesses, ca. 1890.Credit: H. Henderson. Queen's University Archives)

The Kingston Jewish Council is passionate about Kingston. It is our mission to strengthen and enrich our city by supporting our vibrant Jewish community. We provide community-wide programs and exciting events that add flavour to local Jewish life.

The Beth Israel Congregation is committed to meeting the religious, educational, social and cultural needs of our members in a warm, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere. Beth Israel is a house of worship and also a meeting place for the wider Jewish community in Southeast Ontario.

Learning Hebrew
Morfix Dictionary Morfix is a free online Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary. It is the only dictionary that contains accurate up to date translations from Hebrew to English and vice versa, phrases and idioms from all language strata, including literary forms, Israeli slang, acronyms and technological terms
Microsoft's English-Hebrew Glossary Lots of computing specific terms listed A-Z along with their Hebrew equivalents. Needs enabling your browser to display Hebrew characters properly
 Google translation Search for words, phrases, whole articles
Hebrew Virtual Keyboard

An online onscreen virtual Hebrew Keyboard emulator on the internet! Now you can Write Hebrew online, search in Google, save as Word document or search YouTube- all in one place

Hebrew Verbs Hebrew-Verbs uses a unique software to aid in learning Hebrew verbs and their conjugations. Whether a beginner or an advanced level Hebrew speaker, Hebrew-Verbs can help you learn Hebrew in a simple, structured way.
Academy of Hebrew Language in Jerusalem The Academy sets standards for modern Hebrew grammar, orthography, transliteration, and punctuation based on the historical development of the language.


Institute of Translation of Hebrew Literature

The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature (ITHL) was founded in 1962 to acquaint foreign readers with the best of modern Hebrew literature.
Ben Yehuda Project an online access to Hebrew literature

Medieval Hebrew Poetry

Web site devoted to Hebrew poetry composed primarily from the fourth to the eighteenth centuries, with an emphasis at least for now on the period from the tenth to the twelfth centuries,the so-called Golden Age of Jewish culture in Spain

Online Hebrew and English-Hebrew Bible

The Complete Hebrew Bible (Tanach) in five editions in Hebrew (including one with cantillation marks), English (JPS 1917), parallel Hebrew and English (voweled Hebrew and JPS English), and parallel Hebrew and French (voweled Hebrew and Rabbinat French).


Web site where you can purchase Hebrew books
Modern Hebrew Literature - a Bio-Bibliographical Lexicon Web site that lists and describes almost all Modern Hebrew literature writers and their biographies
 iCast iCast   has more than 3,000 podcasts and various programs, over 60 thousand episodes and hundreds of audio books best of Hebrew literature, children, youth and adults, some recorded voices of the writers themselves and others recorded by actors and voice talents

Israel General information from Wikipedia
Israel Travel Guide from Wikitravel
Embassy of Israel Ottawa
Living/Travelling in Israel Information for travelling from Government of Canada
 Go Israel from Ministry of Tourism, Government of Israel
The Weiss-Livnat International MA in Holocaust Studies

The one-year International Master’s Program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa is dedicated to creating and nurturing a new generation of Holocaust researchers and educators. The program aims at providing students with more than just an academic curriculum; it has been designed with the addition of exciting and challenging activities to spark the interest of the student and encourage personal development and dedication to the field of Holocaust research

Queen's library has a collection of texts relating to Jewish Studies, including articles, atlases, sacred texts and biographies. The dictionaries and encyclopedias are located in the Reference section of Stauffer Library. If you need help from a librarian, please contact Ms. Gillian Akenson.