INDG courses

By taking INDG courses, students have an opportunity to immerse themselves in Indigenous history and culture; students expand their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, while developing professional skills such as innovative Indigenous approaches to learning and research to work with Indigenous communities.

All INDG courses count towards Indigenous Studies Plans and in many cases can be taken as electives.

Click here for the list of 2022-23 Course Offerings.

Course Title Description
INDG 301/3.0 Indigenous Ways of Knowing

INDG 301-001: Biskaabiiyang: Hope(vision), Belonging (relationship), Meaning (knowledge) and Purpose (action).
Offered: Fall 2022

In this course we will explore Indigenous education from a wholistic lifelong learning model through the lens of Biskaabiiyang. Biskaabiiyang is looking back to Indigenous ontologies and epistemologies that ground Indigenous people in their culture and traditions and bringing them forward to this new situation. Biskaabiiyang as a methodology will include other ways of learning such as learning from the land, people, oral stories, spirituality, languages and natural laws. Throughout the course we will explore how Biskaabiiyang applies as a new emergence of thinking about our ways of being and doing within an Indigenous educational context and how Indigenous people are re-creating the cultural and political flourishment of the past to support the well-being of our present and future generations of learners today in innovative ways. Biskaabiiyang will be applied within assignments and presentations as we explore the past, present and future of Indigenous education.

INDG 301-002: Indigenous Heavy Musics
Offered Fall 2022

Course Description TBA

INDG 301-001: Indigenous Education:  Decolonizing Teaching Pedogogy Centering Indigenous Thought and Reimaging Curriculum
Offered Winter 2023

Course Description TBA

INDG 302/3.0 Indigenous Theories and Methodologies: Learning through Indigenous Worldviews

An introduction to Indigenous theories and research methodologies.
PREREQUISITE    Level 3 or above and DEVS 220/3.0 or permission of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

INDG 395/3.0 Indigenous Special Topics

INDG 395-001
Learning Together from the Land

PREREQUISITE  Level 3 or above or permission of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

INDG 401/3.0  In Community Capstone: Research and Relationships A fourth year Honours capstone project course exploring an issue in Indigenous Studies through both library-and community-based research. Working with an Indigenous community partner and the instructor, students will integrate knowledge and skills to carry out a research project.
PREREQUISITE   Level 4 and registration in the INDG Major or Medial Plan and INDG 302/3.0 or permission of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.