People in JAPN

Keiko Aoki

Associate Professor

Research interests: Japanese as a foreign language, second language acquisition, linguistics Cherry blossom by D. Brooke Martin (Unsplash)

Phone: 613-533-6924
Office: Kingston Hall 402
Office hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:30 and Thursday 9:30-10:30 or by appointment.


M.A. in Japanese Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
B.Ed. in English, Hokkaido University of Education, Japan              


Professor Aoki joined the Japanese program at Queen’s in 2000. She had teaching appointments at Austin Independent School District, TX, USA, Middlebury College Summer Japanese Language School, VT, USA, Hokkaido International Foundation, Japan, and Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS.

Prof. Aoki was nominated for the Frank Knox Teaching Award in 2015 and the W.J. Barnes Teaching Award in 2016.

She volunteers at Japanese as a Heritage Language School in Kingston since its foundation in March 2010. Now the program is recognized as an International Language course by the Limestone District School Board.


Professor Aoki teaches following courses:

JAPN 100: Introductory Japanese I
JAPN 200: Introductory Japanese II


Teaching Assistants

JAPN Teaching Assistants


Yiran Jing

Teaching Assistant for JAPN 100

  • Hello everyone! My name is Yiran and you can also call me Sherry. I was born and grew up in Tianjin, China and came to Canada in 2018. I’m fluent in Mandarin and English, and I am also working on Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
  • I am going into my fourth year as a Psychology and ConEd student. Because I want to become a teacher after I graduate, I really like our program that provides me with the opportunities to work with students of different ages. I hope those experiences can help me become a good TA this year!
  • As for personal interests, I like listening to J-pops, watching Japanese TV shows and dramas, as well as animates. Besides these, I also enjoy reading novels and cooking with my friends! I can’t wait to discuss Japanese cultures with you all in the fall!
  • JAPN100 is one of my favorite courses taken at Queen’s. It’s different from courses from other departments in that you will have lots of chances to communicate with Aoki Sensei (our professor:), and many in-class activities to use the language. It may be challenging to learn Japanese at first, but I believe you will love it in the end. As everything is trying to go back to normal, this year may be a little different. I hope I can help you in your learnings, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you in the fall!
Yiran Jing

Cynthia Ranjith

Teaching Assistant for JAPN 100

  • I come from a Tamil-speaking family in Sri Lanka and was raised in Belleville, Ontario. Aside from English and Tamil, I have been studying French and Japanese since high school.
  • In pursuit of becoming a veterinarian, I am going into my second year as a Life Sciences Major. I am also the External Relations Director of the Japanese Relations at Queens social club.
  • In terms of hobbies, I enjoy a variety of things. Since elementary school, I've always enjoyed singing and playing the piano and flute. I spend a lot of time studying languages and listening to music as well!
  • Last year I entered directly into Japanese 200, so I didn't get to experience the learning environment of Japanese 100. Because of this, I'm really glad I'll be able to take part in facilitating this environment for the students this fall. I’m looking forward to working with you all !
Cynthia Ranjith

Jung Ho Lee

Teaching Assistant for JAPN 200

  • Hello! My name is Eva and I was born and raised in Taiwan. I have moved a few times back and forth between Canada and Taiwan.
  • I am fluent in both Mandarin and English, and I am currently working on improving my Japanese and Taiwanese.

  • I am majoring in computer science and going into my fourth year of study. In the future, I aim to work in Japan as a software programmer.  

  • I really enjoyed my Japanese-learning experience here at Queen’s. I only started to learn Japanese formally in university. Before university, I picked up basic phrases here and there from Japanese pop culture such as anime and music. At Queen’s, I took both JAPN 100 and 200. I also participated in the Ottawa Regional Japanese Speech Contest twice and in the Canadian National Speech Contest once. I hope I can help the class by creating a wonderful learning experience during the next academic year! Looking forward to meeting you all!  

Eva Lee