Beyond the classroom

Linguistics students have the opportunity to practice and expand their subject knowledge in a variety of ways.

You can consider work as a Teaching Assistant, think of volunteering at a local hospital (work with patients with communication impairment) or at the Queen’s International Centre as part of English Conversation group.

Linguistics Research Group

The Linguistics Research Group exists to bring together researchers at Queen’s working on topics relating to language. We aim to create an inclusive environment for discussion, and welcome anyone who is interested in language-related research to attend, including undergraduate and graduate students. Topics are determined by the current interests of attendees, and includes round-table discussions of recent papers or current topics in linguistics and language research, as well as presentations of current work.

LING 100 Teaching Assistantships

Linguistics students are encouraged to apply for a Teaching Assistant position for LING 100: Introduction to Linguistics course. Students wishing to apply for this position should meet the following criteria: be registered in either Major or Minor Plan in Linguistics; have completed LING-100 with a final grade of A- or above.  Selection will be based on LING course grades, the number of core LING courses completed, and year of study.

Research Assistantships

Different research assistantship opportunities wait for Linguistics students every year. Look for Work and Study or SWEP positions in the Departments of PsychologyPhilosophy or in Strathy Language Unit.

Network with professors and peers in your courses for the best opportunities!


There are many undergraduate student conferences for Linguistics students.

You have the opportunity to share your research, exchange ideas and network. The following is a list of undergraduate linguistics conferences in North America that have been recently active (some conferences are not held every year):

Volunteering in the ELS Program (QUIC)

Queen's University International Centre has two ESL volunteering programs for students: One-to-One Assistance Program which matches a fluent English-speaking volunteer with an international student wanting to improve conversation skills and confidence levels.  They meet for approximately one hour per week to practice day-to-day conversation, pronunciation and vocabulary improvement skills.

The second program is English Conversation Group, which is intended for people who already have a reasonable level of English, but need extra confidence, and to learn some new expressions. Two facilitators are assisted by volunteers who help with smaller table groups and activities.