Lesley Foster

Lesley Foster

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Research Interests: Transnational Feminist Movements in Latin America, Feminist Transversality, Affect in Protest, Reproductive Rights, Performance and Visual Methods, Research-Creation.


Ph.D. (ABD) in Cultural Studies, Queen's University
M.A. Promoted into the Cultural Studies Ph.D. program at Queen’s University, 2020
B.A. (Anthropology and Spanish) with Distinction, Concordia University, 2012


Before coming to Queen’s in 2019, Lesley was a full-time musician performing as L.A. FOSTER living and working in Montreal, QC. Her multi-disciplinary career and fluency in Spanish and French brought her to many corners of the world, touring South America, Mexico, the U.K. and North America. As a multi-disciplinary artist with an academic background the Cultural Studies program offered Lesley a place to explore research through creative outputs.

During her time at Queen’s, she’s been a teaching assistant for Love, Sex and Popular Culture (LLCU 249), Covid-19 in the Global South (DEVS 393), Women Gender and Difference (GNDS 120), and as a Research Fellow with Susan Lord for the project Under The Shadow Of Empire: Minor Archives and Radical Media Distribution of the Americas (USEM) exploring Film, community, media archive, cultural memory, film and video distribution; counter-public spheres; and digital humanities.

In the classroom, Lesley draws on her academic experience (including her fluency in Spanish) alongside her artistic background to make an engaging and dynamic learning experience that is accessible and hopefully, fun!


Teaching Fellow - SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish (Fall 2022)
Teaching Assistant - LLCU 249 Love, Sex and Popular Culture (Fall 2022)
Teaching Assistant - SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish (Summer 2022)
Teaching Fellow - SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish (Fall 2021)
Teaching Assistant - LLCU 249 Love, Sex and Popular Culture (Fall 2021)