Janny Liu

Janny Liu

CHIN 100 Teaching Assistant


Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Arts and Science



  • Hello everyone! My name is Janny Liu. I was born in Zhengzhou, China. I’m fluent in Mandarin and English.

  • I am a Concurrent Education student majoring in math and minoring in chemistry, currently in my fourth year of study. As a teacher candidate, I have gained many opportunities to teach students from different cultural and family backgrounds, fostering an engaging and supportive learning environment.

  • In 2019 summer, I did an internship about teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at a local school in Phuket, Thailand. I also have accumulated some valuable experiences about teaching HSK. I started volunteering in the CHIN courses in my second year and I have been TA-ing this course for the past year.

  • I love reading books related to Chinese literature and history. I am interested in comparing different styles of Chinese poems in different dynasties and exploring further the stories behind the poems. Besides, I like running, painting, and playing the flute in my spare time.