Susana Beitman Brener

Susana Beitman Brener



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Teaching Interests: Teaching Spanish as a Second Language


M. A. in Spanish Literature and Language 1988
B. Ed. Specializing in Junior Intermediate Spanish, Drama, ESL, Social Studies, and Librarian 1990
B.A.H. in Mass Media Communications: Journalism, Cinema and Education 1982


Professor Beitman has more than 20 years of experience teaching Spanish as a Second Language. Her teaching philosophy is that students learn much better and are more engaged when there is a combination of techniques and diverse methodologies, together with a relaxing and fun environment in the classroom. She fosters openness and respect among everyone so that students feel free to participate and learn. She believes that the integration of cultural aspects of the countries where the second language is spoken is essential for the acquisition of that language.

Professor Beitman brings to the classroom her experience as a Spanish author, translator and interpreter, journalist and photographer together with her travels, work experiences and education. 


Professor Beitman teaches the following course:
Beginners Spanish: SPAN 111 and 112 (Fall and Winter 2022-23)