Queen's University has over 16,000 undergraduate students and many of them come to the Department every year, either to pursue a degree in a language or linguistics or take courses as their electives. Each semester, on average, more than 1,200 take courses at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. With so many diverse students, coming from all faculties and disciplines, extracurricular activities and vibrant student life, the Department is a great place to be!

Halle and Natalie as DSC Co-Presidents

Natalie Lane and Halle Zachary

Co-Chairs of the Departmental Student Council (DSC) for LLCU

"[...] our main goal is to facilitate a community in the LLCU Department between Professors and students"

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Jake Eisen, Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLCU)

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

"[LLCU major] opened my mind towards a deeper analysis of the world around me, and to examine not only my personal biases and prejudices but also how to improve upon them to be more interculturally competent."

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Kexin Fang,  Spanish and Latin American Studies (SLAS)

Hometown: Chengdu, China

"Classes are not just pure textbook learning but include a lot of fun facts and additional knowledge about Spanish speaking countries"

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Mallory McPhee, Italian

Hometown: Guelph, ON

"My favourite part about the program is the versatility of courses offered [..] the option courses have allowed me to explore fields outside of my major studies and find new interests "

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Waverley Mulligan, Linguistics

Hometown: Kingston, Ontario

"I love that I can balance LING and other aspects of Queen’s student life "

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Meghan Greavette, Indigenous Studies

Hometown: Bradford, Ontario

"Queen’s offers a variety of fascinating courses relating to Indigenous Studies"

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Brady Hurley, Hispanic Studies

Hometown: Oakville Ontario

"Spanish allowed me to exercise different ways of thinking, which improved my ability to read critically"

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Maya Cress German

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

"This degree will be instrumental in helping me achieve this goal as it has given me an understanding of the language and culture of the country that I will be living in"

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Liesel Pella, World Language Studies

Hometown: Goderich, Ontario

"The practical side of languages is [...] rewarding -- the thrill of being able to speak with someone from another culture in their own tongue never gets old"

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