Cristiana Zaccagnino

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Associated with Cultural Studies

Research interests: Italian as a second language, Italian culture and literature, Classical Tradition in Italian Culture

Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 78834
Office: Watson Hall 509
Office hours: TBA


Ph. D. in Classical Archaeology, Università di Firenze, Italy, 1996
Laurea in Lettere (M.A. equivalent) in Archaeology and History of Greek and Roman Art, Università di Firenze, 1993

Cristiana Zaccagnino


Professor Zaccagnino is the sole author of three books on topics of Greek archaeology and on the collections of ancient bronzes of the Medici and Lorena in Florence, and and the co-author of two,  as well as numerous articles on Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilisations. She has been teaching Italian language acquisition courses and courses on Italian literature since 2007.

Her goal is teaching not just data, but mainly an approach to study, a general method which can be applied in all fields.

She is interested in the reception and use of Classical tradition in Italian culture (literature, art and the politics) from the Middle Ages to our current days.


Professor Zaccagnino teaches following courses:

ITLN 111: Beginning Italian I
ITLN 205: Italiano Avanzato
LLCU 201: Introduction to Romance Philology
LLCU 210 Italy and the Classical Tradition