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Judit Luengo-Martinelli                    

Associate Professor

Research interests: Spanish as a second language, business Spanish, Latin American world

Phone: 613-533-2114
Office: Kingston Hall 312F
Office hours: TBA


Maestría in Shipping Management (M.A. equivalent) - School of Graduate Studies of the Merchant Navy, Caracas, Venezuela
B. A.(Hons.) in International Trade, University Institute for New Professions, Caracas, Venezuela, 1981


Professor Luengo-Martinelli has been teaching Spanish at Queen’s since 1995, holding concurrent Teaching Appointments at St. Lawrence College as well at The Royal Military College.  She is teaching all levels of Spanish acquisitions courses. In 2010, Professor Luengo-Martinelli was nominated for the Frank Knox Award for Excellence in Teaching and the W. J. Barnes Teaching Award of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society.

In her teaching, Professor Luengo-Martinelli engages students in discovering how language relates to culture and real-life situations. Through the realisation that Spanish language is not just a set of rules and exceptions but a living being, students achieve their communicative skills and cultural awareness. Her goal is primarily to encourage and engage students to express themselves in Spanish, both orally and in writing.  By creating an inclusive and student-centered learning environment, Professor Luengo-Martinelli ensures that students with different learning pastes reach their learning goals and succeed in her class.


Professor Luengo-Martinelli teaches following courses:
SPAN 204: Español intermedio
SPAN 205: Español avanzado