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Monica Chamberlain

Associate Professor

Research interests: Spanish as a second language for bilingual students, Drama techniques in teaching Spanish as a second language

Phone: 613-533-2118
Office: Kingston Hall 420
Office hours: TBA


Licenciatura en Lengua y Literaturas Modernas, Letras Modernas (Inglesas), Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1975-80


Professor Chamberlain held Teaching Appointments (English and Spanish) at institutions in Mexico, USA and Canada before coming to Queen’s in 1989. In the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, she is teaching Beginner and Intermediate Spanish courses.

Second language acquisition has been part of Professor's Chamberlain's life for as long as she can remember. She believes that teaching is a process of learning how to help others learn effectively. Keeping abreast of innovations in teaching strategies through research and workshop participation is important but good teaching requires more than that. Language is always a medium between people and, although she may address a class, she teaches individuals. In order to teach effectively, Professor Chamberlain immediately learns each student’s name. She learns quickly how each student interacts with the textbook and with the cultural differences inherent in the language structures. She also learn to quickly recognize how each student interacts with other students in the class and designs tests to learn what each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses are. Once Professor Chamberlain has come to understand how each of her students can best learn, she teaches.

Students learn best from those they trust and with whom they feel at ease, so Professor Chamberlain works hard to earn that trust by showing that she cares very much that they learn Spanish well. She loves her language and she wants her students to speak it well and to really enjoy the Hispanic world it makes available to them. The greatest satisfaction she gets from my teaching is to see her students move on to study more Spanish in the Department or to travel to a Spanish speaking country and come back full of enthusiasm for the culture they have discovered.


Professor Chamberlain teaches following courses:

SPAN 111: Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 112: Beginning Spanish II