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Steps to Study Abroad

Step 1:
Get an idea of where you would like to study and then research, research, research! Students are encouraged to research their academic institution(s) of interest before submitting a formal application. Choosing the right school for you will help you make the most of your international experience!

Step 2:
Make sure you are eligible for an exchange: you need to be in your second year of study and in good academic standing, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.6 (NOTE: selected exchange partners require a minimum GPA of 3.0 so check the exchange partner profiles for clarification). If you are beyond second year or do not want to participate in an exchange, you can consider an independent study abroad or summer study abroad.

Step 3:
Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor ( listed for each country) in the Department to discuss your studies abroad and possible transfer of credit toward your Queen’s degree.

Step 4:
If at all possible, give the advisor a copy of the course(s) descriptions and where you would like to study.

Step 5:
Don't miss the application deadlines for the exchanges! Students apply in the Winter term of their second year for placements in their third year of study. Applications become available online during the Fall term.

Step 6:
Make an appointment with the International Programs Office to learn about the documents you need to submit. If you opted for a study abroad, you need to request an International Letter of Permission.

Step 7:
After you return to Queen’s, International Programs Office receives your official transcript from the institution for the course(s) you took. The IPO will contact the Undergraduate Advisor regarding the transfer of credit toward your degree.