Millimeter-Wave Electronics Group
Queen's University at Kingston

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We are advancing the state of the art in high-frequency technology for next-generation wireless systems to meet society's demand for ever-faster, more energy-efficient, more ubiqutuous person-to-person and machine-to-machine communications.  We are conducting research in these areas:
  • antennas
  • mm-wave circuits using novel materials
  • digitally-assisted RFICs
  • 5G communications hardware
Our laboratory is equipped for design, fabrication and testing of antennas and circuit boards. Furthermore, we have signed agreements with major semiconductor companies and government labs around the world such as STMicroelectronics, TSMC, National Research Council of Canada, IHP Microelectronics and others for fabrication of integrated circuits through multi-project wafer (MPW) runs using CMOS, silicon germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS and gallium nitride (GaN) HFET processess.

Contact information:

Dr. Carlos Saavedra
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Walter Light Hall, Room 518
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6

e-mail: saavedra {at}
phone: +1 613 533-2807