Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives

Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives

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Graduate Courses

Below is a list of graduate academic course offerings at Queen's. To find out which courses are being taught this upcoming academic year, please visit the MSGP Courses page and/or the Office of the University Registrar's Course Timetable.

HIST 801g Religious Identity, dissidence and interaction in the pre-modern Mediterranean; Instructors: Adnan Husain and Richard Greenfield

This course examines the formation of religious identities and confessional cultures in the medieval and early modern Mediterranean world, including Muslim, Byzantine and Latin societies. It approaches these issues from two complementary vantages, examining intra and inter-religious difference. The course investigates the construction of religious orthodoxy and unorthodoxy, the nature of dissent, controversy and "heresy" in Muslim and Christian religious cultures. Likewise, it examines interreligious relations and experiences among Muslims, Christians and Jews and the treatment of religious minorities in the Mediterranean. It explores the possibility of an interplay between these two processes historically in the Mediterranean world in order to understand the consequences on religious and political cultures and identities. Three term hours; fall and winter.

HIST 828c The Crusades and the Latin Kingdoms; Instructors: Adnan Husain and Richard Greenfield

An exploration of key topics in the history and interpretation of the medieval Crusades. The society and culture of the Latin kingdoms will be studied, as will the impact of the Crusades on the peoples of the eastern Mediterranean, both Muslim and Christian. Three term hours; fall and winter.

RELS 896 Islam In The Modern World; Instructor: Dr Forough Jahanbakhsh

Exploration of Islamic developments since the 19th century: major thinkers, trends of thought and contemporary movements as responses to modernity.