Incoming Undergraduate Students

Incoming Students Welcome to Queen's
Incoming Students Welcome to Queen's

June 2019 Checklist

Your Checklist


Create your online account

Starting June 10th, you must activate your account on our student portal before you can submit your forms:

Be sure to use your Queen’s email address and make note of your password.

On the portal you will need to submit the following information:

  1. Passport information
  2. Arrival information - your flight details including any connections
  3. Residence application - including supporting documentation if requesting a single room for cultural/religious, sexual/gender identity reasons, or disability/health reasons.
  4. Academic Accommodations Letter - e.g., extra time in exams. Will require proof from Student Accessibility Services on main campus. The Letter would be issued by QSASS and will be shared with the Student Success & Learning Development Advisor (see here for more information).
  5. Medical and dietary information – will be shared with Catering Team
  6. Emergency contact information
  7. Supplementary health insurance information (see here for more information).

Submit your forms online at

August 5th at 11:59pm EST

Check your Queen's email

In mid-June, you will receive an email with information about your Queen's email account. Log in and make sure everything is set up to your satisfaction. From this point forward, Queen's will only communicate with you via your Queen's email account, so be sure to continue checking it regularly!

>> Log on to your Queen's email

>> Set up your Queen's email on your phone


Watch for your Guide to Registration and Fees and student card photo email

In the middle of June, we will begin emailing the Queen's Guide to Registration and Fees to your Queen's email account. The Guide is put out by the Office of the University Registrar and contains detailed information about the registration process, your fees and how to pay. In the email, we will also provide information regarding how to submit your photo for your Student Card.


Complete your Ontario Student Assistant Program (OSAP) Application 

Submit your OSAP application now to ensure funding is available by September 1.

>> Apply for OSAP 
>> Do not report your Queen’s awards on your OSAP application – learn more 

Apply Now 

Complete your provincial/territorial Student Government Assistance Application 

If you reside in another province/territory, check the government student assistance web site where you reside for information about when the application is available and further information about how to report any awards you have received. Apply as soon as you can to ensure your funding is available by September 1.

>> Apply for governmental financial assistance outside of Ontario

When Available

Apply for a study visa

If you require a Tier 4 visa to study at the BISC, apply as soon as possible. Make sure you have submitted your passport information via the online portal and have received a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter before applying. Visit the BISC’s website for more information about applying for a Tier 4 visa, including UK Visas and Immigration English language requirements.

>> Apply for a study visa

>> Review BISC Tier 4 step-by-step guide 

August 4th at 11:59pm EST

Investigate applying for a Schengen Visa

If you intend to travel to Europe on a Canada, US, Japan, South Korea or UK/EU passport, you do not need a Schengen visa. If you intend to travel to Europe on a China, Nigeria, India, or Turkey passport will require a visa. Please note these are not exhaustive lists. 

>> Check if you require a Schengen visa


Make your travel arrangements

To help students get from London to the BISC in East Sussex, airport transfers are offered on the official arrival day- September 5, 2019 from London Heathrow. Flight details must be submitted to BISC Student Services via an online form at least 30 days prior to arrival date to secure a place on the transfer coach. The official departure date for the fall semester is December 12.

>> Plan to arrive at the Castle

>> Submit your flight information

Early June

Ensure your passport is valid

Ensure you have a valid passport that will remain valid six months past your expected date of return. If you don't have a passport, apply soon. Once you know you have a valid passport, submit your passport information to the BISC. 

>> Submit your passport info to the BISC

Check as soon as possible with form submission by August 4th at 11:59pm

Arrange a power of attorney

We encourage you to arrange a power of attorney before you leave for the Castle. A power of attorney allows someone you designate, often a parent or guardian, to act on your behalf while you are out of the country.

Visit the BISC's website for more information on personal affairs before your departure. 

June 30

Plan to attend Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR)

SOAR is a one-day program in July for new students and their families to support the transition to Queen's and maximize academic success.

>> Register for SOAR

As soon as possible

Join us for our Summer Webinar Series

Over the summer, we will be hosting a series of webinars to help support your transition to Queen's. Webinars will cover a different topic every week, with topics including course registration, living in residence, orientation week, academics, student life, study permits, and more.

Student Services at the BISC will offer a short webinar that will cover visa applications, travel arrangements, BISC orientation and student life, and more on June 20 at 11:00am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). This webinar may be particularly useful to students who are unable to attend SOAR.

>> View the full webinar schedule and register

>> Register for the 'Welcome to the Castle' webinar (stay tuned!)

Check out the schedule for more info! 

June 20 (BISC-specific webinar)


Apply for a police check (Con-Ed students only)

All teacher candidates enrolled in any Ontario Faculty of Education must have a police record check that includes a Vulnerable Sector Check, before they can enter schools in Ontario for their Experiences in Education placement. Candidates without a current Vulnerable Sector Police Check will not be able to start their placement.

A Vulnerable Sector Police Check must be completed in the jurisdiction which you are currently living. The "current" address you use on the Police Check application must match the jurisdiction of the Police Department through which you are applying (i.e. if you are applying through the Kingston Police Department, you must use your Kingston address, if you are applying through the Ottawa Police Department, you must use your Ottawa address). Candidates can use their residence address (if applicable) as their current address if necessary. Police departments do require proof of residency (e.g. lease agreement, utility bill, etc.) with your name on it in order to proceed with your Police Check.

Candidates obtaining a Police Check from the Toronto Police Department (Postal Code begins with ‘M') must contact the Practicum Office to request a Consent to Disclosure form for that department. This form must be printed on legal sized paper to be accepted by the Toronto Police Dept. The Toronto Police Department has a 10-14 week wait list for Police Checks. You must use your Toronto address when obtaining a police check through the Toronto Police Department.

If you are obtaining a police check from the Kingston Police Department, you must provide the Practicum Office with your current address and phone number when submitting your police check for verification as this section has been removed from the Kingston police check form, but is required by all District School Boards.

All candidates must show their original Vulnerable Sector Police Check to the Practicum Office for verification prior to starting the Experiences in Education placement.

Concurrent candidates completing the first year of the program at Herstmonceux castle must either bring in person or, scan and email their Vulnerable Sector police check to the Practicum Office prior to leaving the country.

Please be aware of the nomenclature, process, and timelines involved in police record and vulnerable sector checks. They may vary from municipality to municipality or country to country.

As soon as possible

Submit documentation for academic accommodations

If you have a disability (i.e. learning disorder, ADHD, ASD, mental illness, physical disability, etc.) and are able to demonstrate functional limitations that affect your academic functioning, you are eligible to receive accommodations.

Documentation can be submitted to the BISC starting June 10th.

>> Learn more about the process

>> Learn more about documentation requirements

>> Speak with an Accessibility Advisor

>> Submit your Letter of Accommodation to the BISC

June 10th - August 5th at 11:59pm

Connect with us

If you haven't done so already, make sure you connect with Queen's on social media. You will find new students, current students, faculty, staff and alumni all ready to help you find your way at Queen's!

>> Connect with Queen's University on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

>> Join the Queen's University Class of 2023 Facebook group

>> Follow the BISC on Instagram

>> Join the "Welcome to the Castle 2019-20" Facebook group

As soon as possible

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