Incoming Undergraduate Students

Incoming Students Welcome to Queen's
Incoming Students Welcome to Queen's

September 2019 Castle Checklist

Your Checklist


Pay your Fall Tuition and Student Assistance Levy

Your fall tuition and the student assistance levy (SAL) need to be paid before September 1. The amount due is shown on your Account Summary in SOLUS.

The remainder of fees (student activity fees, fall residence fees, UHIP, etc.) are due on September 30.

>> Understand how to pay your fees

September 1

Pack your bags and travel to Herstmonceux Castle

Non-European Economic Area citizens should ensure you talk to a human border agent to process your student visa. Do not use the e-gates.

Not sure what to pack? We have lots of suggestions for you.

>> View a few packing tips

Early September

Check-in at the Castle

For safety and security reasons, please note that official arrival date is September 5 starting at 10:00AM for all students. As such, please make travel arrangements accordingly. Early check-in will not be available.

September 5

Attend Orientation

We have an action-packed orientation planned just for you!

September 5 - 8

Pay your fall term fees in full

Your student account will have a balance due by September 30 that includes student activity fees, residence fees (if applicable), and UHIP. If you wish, you may opt out of optional student activity fees.  If you received an APA, the balance of tuition and student assistance levy fees will also be due. Avoid service charges and pay by September 30!

>> Understand your fees

>> Opt out of optional student activity fees

September 30

Check the status of your government student financial assistance (OSAP in Ontario)


Full-time enrolment is confirmed so the first installment of your OSAP funds can be released.  Beginning 2018-19, all or a portion of your OSAP funding will be redirected to Queen’s to be applied to your tuition and education-related fees. The amount of your OSAP to be remitted to Queen’s will not exceed the value of your term tuition and fees, unless you have a balance outstanding from a previous academic term.  Any remaining OSAP will be deposited to your personal bank account.  

Log on to your OSAP account at and view your Funding Summary for details of what is being remit to Queen’s or you can review your Student Fee Account – Net Cost View.

Other provincial / territorial government assistance:

If you are an out-of-province student, please consult your provincial/territorial financial aid website for details regarding the distribution of your student loans and grants.

>> Learn more for out-of-province loan and grant distribution

As soon as possible

Apply for transfer credit

If you have taken courses during high school that may be eligible for transfer credit, you must apply for credit no later than the end of fall term of your first year. Programs with courses that may be eligible for transfer credit include Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, CEGEP, and General Certificate of Education (GCE)/A Levels.

Your transfer credit(s) will be posted on SOLUS approximately 10 business days after we receive your official results.

>> Please contact for urgent transfer credit questions or concerns

As soon as possible, and before the end of fall term.

Ensure your academic success

Orientation is over. Classes have begun. Time to get serious. Ease the shift by enrolling for workshops or individual consultations to help you stay on track. Visit the Student Success and Learning Development Advisor.


Apply for a General Bursary

Consider applying for a Queen’s General Bursary. Please note that the general bursary is given out based on financial need, and funding received from the Queen's admission bursary will be considered as a resource in your evaluation. Therefore, if you have already received an admission bursary, it is unlikely that you will receive further general bursary assistance in your first year at Queen's.

>> Apply for a general bursary

October 31

Connect with us

If you haven't done so already, make sure you connect with Queen's on social media. You will find new students, current students, faculty, staff and alumni all ready to help you find your way at Queen's!

>> Connect with Queen's University on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

>> Join the Queen's University Class of 2023 Facebook group

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>> Join the "Welcome to the Castle 2019-20" Facebook group 

As soon as possible

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