Safety at Home

Students are very trusting and sometimes forget that thieves know that each student home will contain multiple computers and other electronic devices.

Remember to lock all entrances

Lock your doors and windows. Close your windows when you go out, and don't remove the screens.

Use a bike lock

​Invest in an excellent bike lock. Bicycle thieves work quickly. Make your bike the hardest one to steal.

Record serial numbers

Record the serial numbers of all electronics and bikes. The police find lots of stolen items but can't return them to you unless you can prove ownership. Take a picture!

Talk outside

Don't allow strangers into your house. Talk to salespeople or other unknown visitors outside.

Make your home look lived-in

Make your home look lived-in, even when you aren't there. Postpone mail subscriptions. Arrange for someone to pick up your mail and shovel your snow. Use timed light switches to create the illusion that someone is inside.

Keep the porch lights on

Keep the porch light on. Ensuring that the area outside your house is bright and well-lit, especially at night, is a deterrent.

Do not leave keys outside

Don't leave an extra set of keys hidden outdoors. Instead, leave extra keys with a trusted friend or neighbour.

Be a good neighbour

Be a good neighbour. Call the police if you notice a stranger poking around a neighbour's house.

Have insurance

Carry insurance protection against loss and damage of personal property.

Don't store gases inside

Don't store propane inside and only use BBQs three meters, or more, away from your house.

Be prepared

Contact the police or another service if you feel unsafe.