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Information for CTAQ (Clinical Teachers’ Association of Queen’s)

For non-bargaining unit School of Medicine academic staff, that is persons employed by Queen’s University in the School of Medicine in an instructional and/or research capacity who are not students, not Group 1 Adjunct appointees as defined in the Statement on Adjunct Academic Staff and Academic Assistants, and not members of a bargaining unit that has been certified by the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the grievance procedure can be found at Queen's University Senate Policy on Non-Bargaining Unit School of Medicine Academic Staff Grievances (PDF*, 51KB).

For the purposes of this Policy, a grievance is a complaint arising out of the application, interpretation, administration, or alleged violation of the terms of an Academic Staff member’s academic appointment as set out in the letter of appointment or reappointment. It includes a complaint by an Academic Staff person that he/she has been improperly subjected to disciplinary action or has been unfairly treated under the University’s established policies, practices and procedures.

It is intended that Queen’s University and its Academic Staff covered by this Policy shall use every reasonable effort to resolve Grievances informally, amicably and promptly. The Informal Resolution Process is commenced when the Academic Staff person first meets with his or her Department Head, Dean, Associate Dean, Clinical or delegate of the Dean. At this meeting, the Grievor and the Department Head, Dean, Associate Dean, Clinical or delegate of the Dean shall attempt to resolve the complaint informally. If, after the meeting, the Academic Staff person decides that the informal process has failed or is likely to fail, he or she may invoke the formal grievance process by filing with the Ombudsman a properly completed Notice of Intention to Grieve setting out the grounds of the appeal with accompanying Schedules and attachments.


*PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader.​